Buy Here Pay Here

Sam’s Car offers excellent deals for customers that require Buy Here Pay Here Financing. This type of financing fits customers who have NO CREDIT/ BAD CREDIT or just do not want to deal with big corporate banks and pay heavy rates in interests. Sam’s Car Buy Here Pay Here Financing is Interest Free. Yes that is right, we do not charge any interest on our financing deals. You pay 0% Interest.


What are the requirements for me to qualify for BHPH Financing:

  1. Valid Drivers License.
  2. Current Job (Provide Pay Stubs for the last 3 months) or other proof of income.
  3. Permanent address (copy of lease or ownership documents).
  4. Transferable License Plate (TAG).
  5. At least 3 valid references.
  6. Valid insurance or intent to purchase Full coverage insurance on vehicle.
  7. Down payment for intended vehicle.

Depending on your circumstances we may request additional documentation to support your BHPH Financing application.